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La Biancara was born in the end of 80s, when Angiolino and Rosamaria bought a small plot of land, about six hectares, in the hills of Gambellara. Since the beginning, they work to develop their personal idea of wine; a wine created by the exaltation of nature, without chemicals interferences in wineyard or in cellar, in order to obtain the highest expression of terroir in every bottle.

Healthy vines characterized by an high resistance to hostiles circumstances.

Biological management of the vineyards to reduce the impact of agricultural machines.

Manual grape harvest and careful selection of best bunches.


The vinification is realised in small quantities, constantly monitored during the whole process of fermentation and maturation of wine.

Spontaneous fermentation with grape’s native yeasts.

No additives are added, we only use what the vines make us available.


How we interpret the ''natural'' philosophy

We work in an hilly area, so we have to know every inch of our vineyards to intervene in targeted ways to respond to the specific needs. The vineyards are totally managed by the respect for nature and without forcing it. The “natural” quality of wine is achieved through the vineyards. So we don’t use all the wine’s unrelated products; we don’t admit the usage of chemical substances, concentrated musts, enzymes or others. We don’t filter and clarify our wines.


Let the nature work for us

The “natural” quality of wine is achieved through the vineyards; it is essential to return to a wine-growing and enological culture without chemical substances to produce more typical, unique and inimitable wine, in stark contrast to the standardization and homogenization of the majority of the wine on the market.
The vineyards are totally managed by the respect for nature and without forcing it.


Nothing is added, nothing is removed

We have worked for twenty years in order to eliminate all the external products as chemically selected yeasts, enzymes, concentrated musts, acidifying agents and others. Furthermore we don’t filter and clarify our wines.


By Angiolino Maule

“I defend and receive what the nature make me available without adding, removing or correcting anything to obtain more. I am extremely convinced that my land and my grape are some of the most important things. A good land and a good vine variety don’t require external chemical supports.

The satisfaction of producing good natural wine make you feel well and you can serenely face the consumer. For many years I had to work hard to meet other people that can understand what is the true essence of natural wine


The essence of the subject

We produce with proud and passion nine different types of wine. Each one is unique and every year is different from the other ones. We don’t filter and clarify the wines, we avoid using sulphur dioxide in order to obtain better and healthier wines, rich in natural antioxidants.

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